Must-have Amenities when Buying Land in Kenya

Must-have Amenities when Buying Land in Kenya

Real estate is an investment with long-term returns. Thus becoming a landowner is a significant accomplishment. However, to enjoy the full benefits, you need to consider several amenities and infrastructure that make your land the perfect spot.
The right amenities can help boost the value or appeal of the piece of land, thus a plus for you. So, what are some of the must-have amenities when buying land in Kenya? These six amenities will assure you of getting a worthwhile investment.

1. Shopping Centres

When buying a residential property, it is essential to consider an area close to a mall or a shopping centre with facilities such as banking halls. If a place doesn't have a shopping centre already, you could also assess its business growth potential. Some areas may not have the centres in place at the time of purchase, but if there is an opportunity for growth you can be sure of one coming up by the time you build your house.

2. Social Amenities

Accessibility to schools, hospitals, parks and places of worship is also valuable for any buyer. When buying property, consider an area with many schools within a reasonable proximity. Reputable public or private schools will give you options while ensuring your children receive a quality education.
It is also crucial to settle for a place that gives you options for accessing quality health care services. You also want a place where you can easily access other social amenities such as your preferred place of worship and playgrounds or parks for your child's healthy development.

3. Water Access

Can you quickly get a water connection? Are there any restrictions on water usage that might affect you? Is it safe to tap rainwater? These are some of the questions that you need to ask before purchasing a piece of land.
You may also need to know the laws regarding drilling a borehole that applies to the property. In Kenya, the county and national governments have companies that supply water to different parts of the country. Knowledge of accessibility to such options can come in very handy before buying the land.
Better yet, invest in a property that comes with an already installed water source.

4. Electricity Access

A reliable source of power is essential in any home. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the property you consider has already been connected to the electric grid. A power backup on-site is also crucial.
However, if you are looking to go off-grid, there are tons of power sources to consider, such as solar power.

5. Accessible Transportation

Another must-have benefit when buying land in Kenya is accessibility to affordable and reliable transportation. You need to conveniently access your workplace, shopping centre, grocery stores, or entertainment joints when you want to let off steam.
On top of the state of the roads in all weather conditions all year round, you should also consider the various public transport means available such as buses and trains.

6. Security

When buying land, you are not just buying the property but also into the whole community. Consider a safe neighborhood where you can comfortably go outdoors or socialize worry-free with your neighbors for peace of mind. 
Some things to look out for when it comes to an area's security include well-lit streets and pathways, a gated community, nearness to a police station or an administrative office such as a chief's camp. It will also be helpful to conduct due diligence to make an informed decision personally. Some properties also have readily installed CCTV cameras and a perimeter fence, which are a bonus for your home's security and privacy.
The Kenyan market is flooded with companies promising you affordable property. However, this is a long-term commitment and requires you to buy into both the land and a community you will enjoy being a part of for the rest of your life. Before signing off the cheque, ensure that you have checked off most or all of the requirements on our must-have amenities before buying land in Kenya list.

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Must-have Amenities when Buying Land in Kenya

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