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We are Astoria Properties! We research and invest in strategic land in undiscovered yet highly valuable regions in Nairobi and its environs. Our property holdings are handpicked based on proximity to both current and future private and public developments.

Our vast real estate expertise has enabled us to consistently provide our clients with highly appreciating properties that deliver great returns in short to medium terms.

To deliver the most value and ensure hassle-free transfers, we commit to selling you land that we fully own. By investing our capital in these properties, we express our unwavering faith in their value, and so we only pass on to our clients land that we believe in.

We uphold legal and moral integrity in all our dealings, and we endeavor to provide fast and efficient service delivery and personalized solutions to our clients’ needs. This has made us very popular with our existing client base.

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Genuine Affordable Real Estate

We are passionate about real estate and are always in the market full-time to uncover the best land investment opportunities; guaranteed utmost value.

1765 plots sold

1715 satisfied clients

6 years in business

18 prime locations

How to Buy Land From Us

Book a site visit and view all of our prime properties.
Call 0746-111-000
Make a selection from the property map provided.
Make a booking fee of KES 5,000 through the provided Paybill number.
Request for the title copy for the specific plot and use that to perform a search.
Sign the purchase agreement and receive a copy for your records.
Complete payment within the agreed period.
Receive the title deed in your name 3 weeks after completion of payment.

Purpose Statement

To provide high quality, timely and comfortable real estate property solutions in Nairobi metropolitan that fosters a safe, enjoyable and convenient environment for prosperity.

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