A Family's Journey to Finding the Perfect Land in Joska with Astoria Properties

January 25, 2024

Discover the Ndolwas family's experience in acquiring their dream land at Joska along Kangundo Road through Astoria Properties, highlighting the seamless process and professional service they received.

A picture of a couple narrating their good experience of purchasing land at Joska, Kangundo Road from Astoria Properties
Levi and his wife Catherine narrate their experience of working with Astoria Properties as their trusted land ownership partner.

A Seamless Land Acquisition Experience with Astoria Properties

Finding the perfect piece of land to call your own can be a discouraging affair. Yet, for one family, Levi Ndolwa and his wife Catherine (The Ndolwas), this journey led them to a fulfilling partnership with Astoria Properties, a decision that transformed their quest into a seamless and gratifying experience.

Choosing Astoria Properties

The Ndolwas had specific criteria for their land purchase, and Astoria Properties seemed to check all the boxes. After conducting several site visits with different property management companies, nothing compared to what Astoria offered. Levi and Catherine settled for land at Oakwood, a project by Astoria Properties located at Joska, along Kangundo Road. The 50x100 (1/8th Acre) ready-to-build land boasts desirable features such as ample water supply, all-weather road, a perimeter fence, and an excellent vicinity, making it an ideal location for the family.

The Site Survey: Love at First Sight

During their first site survey with Astoria, the Ndolwas were very impressed. The land's location and the natural environment around it were exactly what they had envisioned for their future home. This initial visit was convincing enough for them to decide to acquire the land through Astoria Properties.

A Professional and Hassle-Free Process

The family praised Astoria's professionalism from the initial contact on social media to the final payment for the land all the way to receiving their land title deed. They described the purchase process as smooth and without any issues, confirming Astoria's legitimacy and reinforcing the family's confidence in their decision.

The Personal Connection to the Land

The emotional attachment to the land was instantaneous, especially for Catherine, who was initially skeptical. Once she stepped onto the land, she felt an irrevocable bond, deciding then and there to take the leap. This connection to the land was echoed by her husband, Levi, who found the site to be the best gift for his family.

Spreading the Word

Satisfied with their experience, the Ndolwas have been active in recommending Astoria Properties to friends and family. They have already referred few of their family members, emphasizing that Astoria is the go-to partner for those looking to build a beautiful home in a peaceful setting.

The Ndolwas' testimony is a heartwarming endorsement of Astoria Properties, reminding us that the journey to finding the perfect property can indeed lead to a happy destination. For anyone aspiring to build their dream home on an ideal piece of land, the experience of the Ndolwas with Astoria Properties serves as an inspiring blueprint.

To learn more about the Ndolwas' land acquisition journey, watch their full story on YouTube: Astoria Properties - The Ndolwas' Testimony.

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