The Best Places To Buy Affordable Land In Kenya

April 13, 2023

Investment in real estate, especially land purchases, has increased tremendously in Kenya over the last few years. The country has a relatively safe and vibrant property market, increasing the appeal for land buyers.

If you’re interested in buying property, here are the best places to buy affordable land in Kenya.

  1. Kangundo Road- Joska/Kamulu

This area on the busy Kangundo road has been a high real estate investment destination for many Nairobians. With beautiful scenery and a good road network, buying land in Joska/Kamulu is guaranteed to pay off.

The area is also just 45 minutes from the city, meaning you can easily commute to and from Kangundo road if you work around Nairobi. Interest in land in the area has led to the shooting up of property prices, with a 50X100 plot going for Ksh 650,000 to  ksh1 million currently.

Crossroads by Astoria Properties, for example, is selling the 50×100 plots at Ksh. 650,000, giving you value at a more affordable price.

       2. The Eastern Bypass

Construction of the Nairobi Eastern Bypass highway has led to massive real estate expansion in the surrounding areas. The highway has improved the connectivity of the previously scarcely inhabited regions, increasing property appeal.

Ruiru area, in particular, has seen unprecedented growth. This area is ripe for both residential and commercial real estate success, especially with its closeness to the Tatu City development, Kenyatta University, and Brookside Dairy.

       3. Kitengela

Located 37 km from the city, Kitengela has been a real estate haven for a while now. The satellite town has been expanding very fast, opening up opportunities for prospective landowners.

The land price in the area is dependent on its proximity to the town, with the closest ones going for about Ksh. 2 Million for a 50×100 piece.

Kitengela is a fully self-sustaining town perfect for families. Major supermarkets, a wonderful night-life, children, and family activities are just some of the town’s few attractions.

       4. Ngong

Ngong is located approximately 30 Kilometres from the Nairobi CBD. With a land appreciation rate reported at around 12.9%, the area has benefited from among other developments:

a) The Standard Guage Railway and the setting up of the Ngong SGR station

b) Expansion of Ngong Road from Nairobi which has significantly reduced commuting time to and from the CBD

c) The tarmacking of Ngong-Kibiko subway road has also improved the area’s residential and commercial profile.

The real estate industry in Kenya is thriving but before buying land, ensure that your investment will give you value for money, either by being an amazing place to build your future home or in a developing area where you can later sell the land at a profit.

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